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A growing city in the north-central part of the state in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, Superior, Colorado, is situated about 20 miles north of Denver and just 10 miles southeast of Boulder, split between Boulder and Jefferson counties. The town has experienced rapid growth in recent years. What was once a struggling old mining town is now a booming suburb. Superior's population rose from a mere 250 in 1990 to more than 10,000 by 2005. With that rapid growth comes expansion, of both public services and businesses and industry.

Superior was founded as a coal mining town, like so many other towns in the Boulder area, in 1896. It was later incorporated in 1904, and it is alleged that the town's name was derived from its "superior quality" coal. The town experienced growth from the mining industry in the early 20th century, but when its last mine closed in 1945, most of its residents moved away to find work elsewhere, and Superior became primarily a small farm and ranching community. Today it has become more modern and attracts many residents who work in nearby cities like Denver and Boulder but prefer to live in a quieter town. Professional, scientific, and technical services, computer and electronic products, and education are the industries in which the largest number of residents are employed.

Superior's size is approximately four square miles, and it operates nearly 600 acres of parks, green and open space, and 27 miles of trails. The city celebrates annual events like the Superior Days, complete with a vintage baseball game and pie eating contests; a 4th of July race and festival, featuring a parade; and an annual Chili Fest cook-off. The city's schools are operated by the Boulder Valley School District, and include one K-5 elementary, two K-8 schools and one high school, Monarch High School.

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